Jamaica Bodybuilding @ Fitness 2018

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We are The Natural International Fitness Federation Of Canada (NIFF). At NIFF Canada the goal is to award the hard working athlete with prize money, international sponsorship and other wonderful awards of value. The top 5 are awarded in each category. The ultimate goal is to keep the athletes cost down while giving the athlete an experience they will never forget. We will be hosting the NIFF Jamaica Global Bodybuilding/Fitness Championships in Montego Bay November 2018.  $20,000 in prize money will be gong out to the winners.  We are trying our best to get the word out in Jamaica, but several of our classified post have been removed.  As a fellow Kingston resident I’m trying my best to give back to Jamaica.  Advertiser/Classified sites please help NIFF Canada in spreading the word around Jamaica regarding the good we are attempting to do.

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1 Sunset blvdMontego Bay,St. James,JMCJS12 416 992 2295 maria@niffcanada.com http://www.niffcanada.com/