Brazilian Mastiff and Melinois Pups for Sale

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Brazilian Mastiff and Melinois Pups for Sale

First in Dog Training and Security for your Home and property.

Because we know that they are a man’s best friend,..we train them to meet your needs.

Excellent property and personal protection dogs

We train dogs
Small Dogs, Large Dogs, Purebred and Mixed Breed Dogs

Let us know the desired intent of the training
Evaluations can be scheduled to assess your dog’s ability to perform such tasks

Pups coming in JUNE

Obedience and Protection Training Program for dogs 8 months and older

We will do a 2 week evaluation procedure followed by a 4 week Training Program.

Training will be done at the Fisher k9 Training School in Stony Hill, St. Andrew.

Dog Pickup and Return Services can be arranged.


Mr. Mike Fisher
(876) 395-2532
Telephone or Whatsapp.

…simply the best at what we do!!!

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