JN Barbican relocates to Sugar & Spice complex

JN Bank has relocated its Barbican branch to the new Sugar & Spice complex, across the road from its former Fontana Pharmacy location in St Andrew.










The bank commenced operations from from its new site on Monday, September 4.

Chief of JN Bank Operations, Janice Robinson Longmore, disclosed that the exercise is part of the commercial bank’s long-term strategy to expand services and provide more amenities and convenience in branches for its members.

“The new branch offers increased parking space and has more space in which clients can conduct their business. In addition, we will provide two full-service, smart ATMs — one inside the banking hall and another outside the branch at a later point,” she stated in a release from the company.

According to JN, people will be able to make cash and cheque deposits to their own accounts and the accounts of third parties at the ATMs. Customers will also be able to withdraw funds and check account balances on their own accounts.

“There will also be seating for members and a coffee bar, as well as a restroom for their comfort,” she said.

Robinson Longmore said although business will commence with the same number of employees, and relatively the same services being offered, additional employees will be placed at the new location to handle credit and sales in the short term.

 “Over time, the services offered by the new Barbican branch will be expanded, in response to the identified needs of members who use the facility on a regular basis, and as business grows,” she further advised.
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