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PEP Exams : Pass for your first choice is an online portal preparing Jamaican  students for PEP – Primary Exit Profile. The portal covers the following subjects:

  • Communication Tasks
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies


The system contains mock exams for all subject areas. The exams are timed and students are required to complete all questions before submitting for marking. Papers are marked electronically.

  • Our new spelling module is designed to expose children to a large number of words. The module also helps to improve children who are weak in spelling.
  • Compete in our Science Genius Academy.
  • Compete to become Math Genius.

Content for grades 4-6 PEP curriculum can also be found on the website. Practice questions for each curricula item is provided in the form of worksheets and online tests.

Black River,St. Elizabeth

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