Ranking of Jamaica Top High Schools 2016

Thanks again to Educate Jamaica, we now have the very latest rankingsof the TOP HIGH SCHOOLS IN JAMAICA!

This edition follows our previous publication last year that created quite a lot of stir.

And so, I know what your next question is,
so let me answer before you asked 🙂

How Were The Schools Ranked

According to Educate Jamaica, they looked at each school…

…and calculate what percentage of students they are turning out at the end of grade 11, with a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and based on the percentage obtained, they are ranked.

Schools that are successful in turning out 80% or more achieving 5 subjects (Maths and/or English) meet the prestigious CSEC Secondary Ivy League.

They also added a group called the Aspiring Ivy Schools highlighting those schools that are turning out 50% – 79% of grade 11 students, achieving 5 or more subjects, including Mathematics and/or English)

This time, I’ve nicely categorized them for you:


    • The Ivy League – Top 10
    • The Ivy League – Next 19, &
    • The Aspiring Ivy League


OK, away with the talking, let me ease your anxiety :-),

READY? Drum roll for….

jamaican school ranking 2016 - top 10

My notes:


  • All of the schools currently in the Top 10, with the exception of Wolmer’s Boys High & Bishop Gibson High, were also in the Top 10 last year.
  • The Top 3 last year remains the top 3 this year, Immaculate & Campion simply switched places for first and second, but Montego Bay High, the beacon of the west, remains solid at number 3!
  • Outside of Campion, previously #1, and Westwood High, previously #6, all the other top 10, showed improved rankings.
  • All the top 10 schools averaged an impressive 96.5% or above! The top 4, all averaged over 99%!
  • The top mover in the top 10 was Bishop Gibson High, moving six places from #16 last year to #10 this year!

jamaican school ranking 2016 - top 29

My Notes:


  • Meadowbrook was the biggest improver in the Ivy League, jumping 10 places from #29 last year to #19 this year.
  • Other steady climbers (more than 5 places) are Knox College, Mannings High and Meadowbrook High.
  • Moving down 16 places though is Decarteret College. They dropped from #9 last year to #25 this year!
  • Munro and Machester High would also be a bit disappointed too, as they slide 9 places each, from #13 and #18 last year, to #22 and #27 respectively, this year.



jamaican school ranking 2016 - ASPIRING

But according to Educate Jamaica, the following are quite significant:


  • Approximately only 32% of secondary students are leaving grade 11 having achieved 5 or more subjects (including Mathematics and/or English) and this would be even lower if we used the MOE’s approach of 5 or more subjects (including Mathematics and English, not Mathematics and/or English ).
  • 60% of the top 10 performing schools across the entire country are all-girls schools, with only one all-boys in the top 10 and a large portion of the male students across the country are underachieving.
  • Statutory Education is still a privilege because you cannot gain full access to it without paying some type of money and those who cannot afford to pay are those who need it the most.

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