Nashville, St. Mary Application Results

Nashville, St. Mary Application Results

The National Housing Trust is pleased to publish the names of 32 persons shortlisted to be interviewed for loans to buy two-bedroom houses at Nashville, St. Mary. Please note that this is a selection for interviews only and is not a guarantee of a loan.

Applicants were shortlisted and assigned points based on their years of contribution to the Trust and on their incomes.

If your name is on the list and you do not receive a letter from the NHT by June 16, 2017, please contact the NHT St. Mary Service Centre at 994-2216 or 994-9682.

Should units become available due to the withdrawal of any of the selectees below, the next qualified person(s) from the original list of eligible applicants will be notified and invited to be interviewed for the benefit.

Allocation to special groups

To facilitate home ownership by low income contributors, using a special benefits order, the NHT reserved 4 units for allocation to applicants earning between $6,200 and $20,000, weekly. Additionally, in keeping with its policy to allocate a percentage of benefits within schemes to young adults, 2 units were specially reserved for persons aged 25 – 40 years.

Persons shortlisted in both categories, had applied as part of the general intake, and were selected using the standard points allocation system.


NIS#              FULL NAME                             POINTS

A677108       Alexander, Joel O.                         522

P673225        Black, Bridget M.                            524

R758010       Chin, Denise A.                              522

K654280       Commock, Lorraine J.                     644

R703242       Deans, Sophia C.                             629

R688046       Doyley, Carol M.                            564

R668066       Duncan, Ivet E.                               604

R703026       Francis, Carlene J.                           584

R638107       Hammond Richardson, Olivia A.       687

L710218        Irons, Troy D.                                 526

A657099       Jackson, Everton                             662

L727012        Jackson, Michael A.                        557

R548170       Johnson, Elaine H.                          897

B671936       Jones, Dunstan L.                           619

X528117       Landell, Norma A. / Shea, Simone A. 716

A617167       Levy, Charles B.                             718

B697250       Mason, John A.                               598

R748022       Morgan-Roache, Sophia A.              562

P747019        Murdock, Devon A.                        512

R693034       Purcell, Andrea M.                          564

G675318       Reid-McIntyre, Sharon A.                504

R663247       Roberts-McGhie, Llana A.                504

R708042       Smith-Matthews, Lois                      564

R753389       Stewart, Carlyn D.                          505

R573549       Thomas Ashmeade, Shirley M.          531

R633020       Thomas McPherson, Winsome B.     624

R683440       Walcott, Marcia M.                         548

R623239       Walker, Perma A.                            664

R713245       Williams, Orthurine S.                     504

K660587       Wright, Antonio                              582



R783125       Rowe-Page, Kamara D.                   470

R773170       Skeen, Sherene S.                           481


Overall Points Range:                                                      897 – 470

Total number of solutions:                                                          32

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