Reading, Mathematics and PEP Lessons/Classes

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Portmore parents!

Is your child having problems with Reading or Mathematics? Do you have a child preparing to sit the PEP examination?We can help!

100% of our Reading and Math Intervention students make improvement.

Our G.S.A.T. (now P.E.P.) students have passed for top schools, such as Campion, Immaculate, Wolmers, K.C. Calabar and many others.

We also offer Adult Reading Lessons. Our adult students have also made great progress over the years.

Located at Shop 12, Portmore Central Plaza (near N.C.B., Portmore)
Call us at 876-4191221 or 876-3415072

Shop 12, Portmore Central Plaza, (near N.C.B., Portmore)St. Catherine 8764191221

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