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C.W. Hylton Marble Works Headstones

“For long lasting memories”

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5 Windsor Road, St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann (Beside RGD)

Tel: (876) 972-9656 / 770-5233 / 869-1799

2 McCatty Street, Montego Bay

Tel: (876) 971-7773 / 869-1799



About Us

Through our two (2) locations on the North Coast, C.W. Hylton’s Marble Works supplies marble and granite headstones, tombstones, corner stones, name plates and tomb building services to the local burial industry and undertakers. We also create kitchen counters to suit the needs of our clients.

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Hylton’s Funeral Arrangement and Supplies

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46 East Street, Kingston
Tel: (876) 770-5233 or 869-1799

About Us

We specialize in:

  • Custom Casket
  • Embalming
  • Exportation of human remain
  • 24hrs pick up services
  • Marble & Granite Headstones
  • Wreaths
  • Radio & T.V. Announcement
  • Buttons
  • Family Vehicle
  • Hearse and Pick up vehicle

St. Ann's Bay,St. Ann

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