Zoukie Trucking Services Ltd

 Trucking and Heavy Haulage / Jamcl

Zoukie Trucking Services Ltd

We specialize in the haulage of containers, 20 to 45 feet, and also breakbulk cargo transported on flatbeds. We have the largest fleet of over 500 chassis on the island and offers rental of cranes, forklifts, lowboys, manlifts, generators, tractors etc.

We have several specialized trailers for transporting loads of all dimensions and weights. We have cranes of sizes ranging from 22 ton to 450 ton. We have forklifts ranging from 2- 17 ton with different length blades, and masts to suit your needs.

We are a one stop shop for all your transportation, lifting and consolidation needs.

Address: 118-120 Third Street Newport West. Kingston 13

Tel: (876) 937-3415/6 / 923-7140 / 923-9549

Fax: (876) 923-4542

Email: zoukie@cwjamaica.com or zoukiedispatch@cwjamaica.com


18-120 Third Street, Newport West. Kingston 13Kingston Tel: (876) 937-3415/6 / 923-7140 / 923-9549 zoukie@cwjamaica.com http://www.zoukie.com

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