Stanford & Earl's Juice Garden

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Stanford & Earl’s Juice Garden
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Tel:  (876) 754-2425
Address:  Shop #6, 6 Red Hills Road, Kingston
About us
Stanford and Earl’s is a restaurant which specializes in vegetarian meals, juices, patties and pastries.

Everyday we prepare two soups (one peas and a pumpkin), two stew (one peas and a vegetable combination, brown rice and or food which includes yellow yam, white yam, sweet potato, Irish potato, dasheen, cassava, green banana, ripe plantain etc. and a porridge (peanut, plantain, hominy, etc.)
We Extract juices such as green juice carrot juice, beetroot, pineapple, orange, apple, melon, vegetable etc.
Our patties include ackee, vegetable, stew meal, callaloo, lentil and pumpkin.
Our Pastries includes different types of muffins, sweet potato pudding, coconut gizzadar, plantain tart and banana nut bread. In our pastries there are no additives, no sugar, no egg.

We also sell ground provisions, fruits, salad (vegetable) and nuts such as pumpkin-seed, almond, cashew, peanut, sun flower-seed and we also use our nuts to make shakes. We use & sell the cold press coconut oil.

Opening Hours

Monday- Saturday
7:00am – 6:30pm

6 Red Hills Road, KingstonKingston (876) 754-2425

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