Castlewood, Trelawny

Between Monday, March 6, 2017 and Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the National Housing Trust will be inviting applications for 24 serviced lots in this development, known as Castlewood at Granville, Trelawny.

Castlewood at Granville is situated on 20 acres of land, located approximately 5.5 kilometres southwest from Falmouth Square.  The development is located along the parochial road from Merrywood crossing to Schawfield.

The lots are being sold at varying prices and range in size from 600 to 899.9 square metres.

The development will contain all the basic services, such as street lighting, as well as connections to electricity and potable water supply. All social amenities are available in nearby Falmouth.

UNITS AVAILABLE24 serviced lotsLot Size: 600- 899.9 square metres Selling prices range from $2m to $2.7m

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