The premier of Fast & Furious 8 at Carib 5

The premier of Fast & Furious 8 on April 13 was hosted by Adrenaline Power at Carib 5. Adrenaline Power in association with Audi, GasPro and Pepsi Jamaica made it their duty to provide fans with a VIP experience to one of the hottest movies of 2017.

The latest addition to the Fast and the Furious franchise The Fate of the Furious, had several mind-boggling plot twists that left many on the edge of their seats for the entire movie. Fast fans were greeted with extravagant cars and slick cocktails that started their engines for an exuberant and fulfilling night.

Adrenaline powered up their patrons with complimentary energy drinks given to everyone in attendance. Natural ingredients such as guarana seed extract, ginseng root extract and vitamins B3, B5 and B6, were enough to keep those experiencing the after work blues wide awake.

Adrenaline Power prides itself with being the only energy drink with vitamins. The energy drink made its way on the shelf in March 2016 and is available in supermarkets and wholesales islandwide. Adrenaline is packaged in one standard size, 20z and retails at $95 per bottle.

Adrenaline Power Fast 8 limited edition labels are now on the market. Pepsi-Cola Jamaica, local distributor of Adrenaline Power, decided to align the product with the franchise because of the similarities both entities share – high energy, rush of excitement, and speed.

The premier, hosted by Terri-Karelle Reid was a major success as numerous Fast and Furious fans filled all the cinemas within Carb 5. Fans were thrilled with the progression of the storyline while keeping the main theme of the franchise – family. This action-packed thriller was the perfect way for Adrenaline Power to bring awareness to its brand while creating an unforgettably fast night.

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