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Worldnet Investment Company Ltd is a micro financing company which was incorporated in 1997. Our aim is to provide hassle free personal and business loans through a team of c ourteous, friendly and reliable staff endeavouring to delight you, our valuable customers. Worldnet has experienced steady growth over the years, and is continuously expanding to meet our clients’ wants and needs for their benefit.

Products and Services offered by WNI:

– WNI Vehicle Loan – whereas persons who own their vehicle, lien free, can use the vehicle as security to access a loan.

– WNI Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) – this product is available to every, and anyone who is insuring a motor vehicle. IPF is offered through a number of insurance brokers, insurance companies and agents. We offer 100% insurance premium financing for Government Worker, Taxi & Bus operators.

– WNI Salary Deduction Loan – this product is offered to employees of approved employers and is very beneficia l to borrowers in that no specific security is required for the loans. Such groups of persons include the JCF, JDF, Ministry of Education, JFB, Lasco, Hot 102, Peak Bottling, KCT etc.

– WNI Bank Direct Loan – this loan facility is available to employed persons who may not be able to secure salary deduction from an employer, or are on our approved list and the salary is credited to the Bank of Nova Scotia.

– WNI Vehicle Financing & Refinancing Loan – this product is available to persons who need assistance to purchase a motor vehicle or if you need refinancing. Vehicle purchase can be for personal use or PPV purpose.

– WNI Biz Loan – this product caters to registered micro or small business operators who’ve been in business for two years or more.

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