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Kingston Hireage & Wholesale Liquors Ltd
28 – 30 Waltham Pk Rd Kingston 13 Jamaica

One day in 1971 Mr. Grant was delivering goods in Vineyard Town and saw a truck from a rental company R.E. The Taylors are delivering chairs and tables for the party for which he was delivering liquors. An idea dawned on him that he could operate a one-stop shop for these items. Having a good relationship with your supplier’s help and it was the relationship with Bobby Kelly of Lewis Kelly and Sons Ltd., which allowed the then Kingston Wholesale Liquors to start up in the Hireage business. The company got 200 chairs and 50 tables on credit and so the Hireage began.

Customers soon demanded a new type of chair, and a failed deal with a local manufacturer to manufacture some chairs led the company to set up its own chair manufacturing entity in 1976, Kingston and St. Andrew Metal Works. After manufacturing over 20,000 chairs, most of which are still in a company’s stock, the operation closed because of the decline in demand for metal chairs. However, repairs are undertaken on a sma ll scale on the existing stock.

The Hireage division started out with chairs and tables, but today boasts an impressive availability from crockery to portable sanitation units. We have the largest fleet of supplies on the island.

Mr. Grant beams as he said that this company is the only Hireage Company where one can get everything needed for a party. The company has withstood the test of time. There was a time when it was also in the jukebox business and this was a substantial boost in that era when this item was popular at bars and other establishments.

Mr. Grant says the future is always very dynamic and Kingston Hireage will always seek to move into areas of need and be the complete party service for the Jamaican people and visitors. He has committed the company he says to provide excellent customer service to customers and we welcome everyone to Kingston Hireage and Wholesale Liquor Ltd

28 - 30 Waltham Pk Rd Kingston 13 JamaicaKingston

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