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Dawkins L & N Engineering Works Ltd

Dawkins L & N Engineering Works Ltd manufactures and repairs, block making machinery, bakery machines, tractor parts, brake discs, wheel bearings and other equipments.

Manufacture: – We offer a wide variety of services in the manufacturing sector. This includes manufacturing of gears – Spare parts for all industries & sectors, External & Internal Spline, Block Making machines, Baking Machines, suspension bushing, rock and pinion bushing, shafts, fittings, couplings, nuts and bolts of all different sizes and lengths.

Welding: – All Types of Welding. Welding is done at its highest level, which includes cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel, oxy- Acetylene and fabrication. General Maintenance & Installation

Repairs: – To a wide range of gears and pumps (including the bauxite industry and factories), shafts, drive shafts, bakery machine parts and boring and sleeving of engine block. Fork Lift & Tractor Parts, Drag Links & Drive Shafts. All Rims from cars to trucks skimming of brake drums & discs, cylinder heads, boring & sleeving of Engine Blocks, Pressing of Forklift, Tires & Wheel Bearings and Crankshaft Regrinding. Repair of Ingersoll – Rand pump Casing. CNC Milling & Turning

Pressing out and in of bushings, forklift tires resurface of cylinder head and disc rotors are done on a wide scale. Every job is treated as priority, hence we facilitate this by working out of our plant when it becomes necessary.

Bauxite Industry Jobs – Cement Industry Job, Sugar Industry Job, Horizontal Milling & boring Machine, Surface Grinding Machine, Most Equipped Modern Facilities, Precise High quality Finish, Warranties.


Address: 53 McArthur Avenue, Kingston 10

Tel: (876) 757-2960

53 McArthur Avenue, Kingston 10Kingston Tel: (876) 757-2960

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