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Getaway Cottage
 Short term rental home-self catered accommodation

Short term rental home-self catered accommodation consisting of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, carport, verandah, kitchen/dining room and laundry room. The appliances include three televisions with cable access, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, washing machine, clothes dryer, hot water heater, four burner gas stove, stereo system and a freezer.

Contractual arrangements can be made with an option to be renewed at the end of the period.

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If you are interested in staying at The Cottage, you can check availability or make a booking by  calling us at:  (876) 843-1775
Getaway Cottage
Welcome to the Getaway Cottage, our fabulous private deluxe cottage located in the lush cool parish of Portland . The romance, splendour, and sheer charm of this cottage is simply enchanting, welcoming guests to the heart of the Island . This private paradise is equipped with all the comforts of home, meanwhile being only minutes away from the seaside town of Buff Bay with its lovely blue-green water serving as a breathtaking backdrop. The boutiques, jerk centers, town market, restaurants and souvenir shops, all add to the charm of this small town that is relatively unspoiled. After just a few days guests will start to feel like locals, becoming familiar with the friendly faces and enjoying the warm Caribbean hospitality extended to them by the local people. Our Cottage is available for exclusive private rental. Come, and stay and enjoy the abundance of romance and culture that is waiting to be explored.
Things to see and do

• The Ruins of Orange Vale, an 18th century, coffee and indigo plantaion, hidden deep in lush vegetation near the foothills of the Blue Mountain. It was one of the more established plantations between the 1790’s and the 1840’s.A 1791 plan of the Orange Vale plantation is one of the few plans of coffee plantations that existed in Jamaica for the years before 1800.The plantation originally spanned over 1,200 acres and had up to 160 slaves working there at some point. This historical and ecological site consist of numerous springs, a spectular waterfall, interesting plant life, and birds.The‘hidden city’, as it is called, is still undiscovered and is being regarded as one of the secret treasures of Portland.
• Charles Town Maroon Village is located in the Buff Bay valley, and is the most easily assessable Maroon village in Jamaica. The Charles Town maroon museum is the largest maroon museum in Jamaica, and it contains a library, with materials on the Maroons,maps,drums,maroon trails and play huts that were used for healing.
• Crystal Spring is a 150 acre recreational center located in Buff Bay, it’s essential features are a picnic ground, botanical garden, orchid forest, bird sanctuary and aviary. This picturesque locale provides the ideal peaceful relaxing vacation environment.
• Somerset Falls consists of the Daniel River that plunges through a gorge of natural rock in a series of cascades and pools.Restaurant, dance floor, bar and rafting are all available at Somerset.

Other attractions in the Parish includes Navy Island, Caves of Nonsuch,rafting on the Rio Grande, Boston beach (waves are high enough for surfing),Boston Jerk center, Blue Lagoon, The Castle, Folly ruins, Fort George and De Montevin Lodge.

Portland, JamaicaPortland (876) 843-1775

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