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– Custom PC Building – Virus Removal Services – Dusting/Cleaning Services: Laptops/Desktop Computers – Mac OSX Installation – Windows 7 to 8 or 10 Upgrade Service – Google Apps for Amazon Kindles – FRP/Google Lock Removal Services – Parts Upgrade & Parts Sourcing – Wireless Network Installation for Homes, Offices & Churches – Printer & Laptop Combo Software Installation – Cleaning & Repairing of Printers: Dusting, Printer Head Cleaning, Diagnostics – Games for XBOX & Playstation Consoles – Screen Replacement for Laptops – Windows OS Installation – IDE to SATA Conversion Service – Ubuntu Installation – Microsoft Office Installation – Flashing of Apple Devices – Data Recovery – Copying of Files from Failing Hard Drives/Memory Cards & Flash Drives – Fixing of Boot Sectors for Hard Drives: Windows & Apple Devices

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