Technical Support Representative at IBEX Global

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Technical Support Representative
at IBEX Global


Technical Support Specalists handles inquiries from customers related to rate plans, features and services, network, coverage, handsets & devices, accessories, repair & troubleshooting, credits & adjustments, etc.; handles credit checks, service activations and changes, and receivables management/collections; may sell all services and products offered by the Company; handles inquiries on data products, services, billing and troubleshooting; may handle WLNP, relocations, combined bill support, after hours inquiries, pre-paid service. Customer interaction may result from direct calls from customers, transferred callers or the resolution of trouble tickets. Responsibilities within Customer Support Specialist also include those that require additional training in other areas within the broad duties of general customer care. By way of example, these may include but are not limited to saves, high value customers, billing and adjustment teams.



  1. Answers customer/client requests or inquiries concerning services and products and reports problem areas.
  2. Utilizes various systems and tools to initiate to assist and service customers.
  3. Continually maintain working knowledge of all company products, services and promotions.
  4. Make recommendations according to customer’s needs.
  5. Utilize operational systems to process purchases of all products and services.
  6. Administer system functions on all opening, closing, and balancing procedures to according to finance guidelines
  7. Troubleshoots and resolves customer impacting issues such as but not limited to voice & data issues that span multiple networks and interdependent network elements, considering network conditions, connectivity, devices, applications, and provisioning. (Note: The skill and knowledge required will change with technology and application innovations.)
  8. Provides support for products and services offered by the Company.
  9. Assists customers with products and services such as but not limited to laptop connect services including air cards, USB devices, initial set-up, configuration of Client provided software & applications.
  10. Handles less routine & repetitive matters and more complex troubleshooting scenarios.
  11. Identifies, tracks & trends issues to assist in root cause elimination.
  12. Proactively engages T3 support (network and IT) to address & resolve issues.
  13. Engages third party vendors and suppliers as needed to address service faults & provide customer resolution.
  14. Remains proficient in all billing, rate plan and feature matters.
  15. May support emerging technologies until matured or until tools & technology enable mainstream support at CSR1.
  16. Resolves issues resulting from direct inbound customer calls, transferred callers including calls from other CSRs, trouble tickets or escalations

Job Requirements


  1. Minimum 4 CXC passes including English Language
  2. Customer Service Skills/Experience
  3. Good Troubleshooting Skills
  4. Good knowledge of computers
  5. Typing Speed of minimum 25 wpm
  6. Must be able to multi-task
  7. Knowledge of Android Devices and Cell phones is a plus
  8. Technical knowledge is a plus
Contact details

Portmore,St. Catherine