Reggae City - Commercial Centre - Bog Walk, St Catherine

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Reggae City – Commercial Centre – Bog Walk, St Catherine

Multi-functional commercial complex in the hustle and bustle (minutes from Linstead). This diverse commercial property offers various earning options, whether to operate business on own or for rental income. The complex was built with ability to simultaneously host parties and other events, operate offices and retail business, run a car wash facility, and customers can still chill on the roof and catch a vibe with a Beer and some Jerk chicken. And with location of just a few yards from the highway, it offers ease of access for customers and is a Hot Spot in the area with its weekend “Jazz Jamming” sessions! Tons of Potential! Motivated Seller! Vendor Financing Available.

LAND SPACE – 0.275 Acres

CONTACT – Property Titans

CONTACT NUMBER – (876) 836-6948


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Bog Walk, St CatherineLinstead,St. Catherine (876) 836-6948