Jens Jewel Guest Suite - Short Term Rental

 Apartment for rent / lamorrison


Seeking rental for week/s or few months? Jens Jewel Guest House currently available for rent from August 15 to September 23, 2018 also all dates from October to April 2019 is available. Rates range from low US$25.00 per night with fans as AC excluded. Premium rates from US$35 to US$55 per night if AC is included. Discount of 15% for more than 28 nights stay. You may make early payment deposit to book and reserve it. My contact number is 1876 9970520. You may also go online and make booking reservation by bank card payment on our by selecting Jens Jewel. Blessings Lorrine(Jen)

Contact details

2 Reece RoadKingston,kgn 10 8769970520