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Need more qualifications to achieve your goals? Register for 2018 CXC Exams

NOW is Your Time!

Whether you are in school or have already left school, you ca register as a Private Candidate to take exams for your CCSLC, CSEC, CAPE or CXC-AD qualifications

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CXC Now offers:

  • Support Resources

Improve your chance of success with CXC Support Resources

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  • E-Testing

With CXC, you’re in control. You can now take CCSLC, CSEC and CAPE exams electroncally. Etests are easy to use, flexible and current.

Contact your local Ministry of Education to find out which etests are offered in your country.


Prepare for your DREAM CAREER with:

  • CAPE

CAPE prepares you for specialized study and is recognized as an advanced entry qualification by universities at home and abroad.

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Now is your time to build the foundation for success at school and work

CCSLC helps you develop skills that will assist you on your personal, work and academic journey.

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  • CSEC

Now is your time to get equipped for the working world and further study.

CSEC is a preferred qualification for employees and continuing education institutions.

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  • CXC-AD

Now is your time to make that career move. A CXC AD can improve your job prospects and can count for as much as the first 2 years of a Bachelors Degree. Visit to learn more about CXC Associates Degree (CXC AD)





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