8.004903 Acres Agricultural / Residential Lot For Sale in Short Hill, St. Elizabeth

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Agricultural / Residential Lot for Sale – Part of Treasure Beach called Short Hill in St Elizabeth

(Beside the Lionel Densham Aerodrome)


Gross Square Area: 3.2395 Hectares or 32,394.694 Sq. Ft.  OR 8.004903 Acres.

Income Property: Presently Farmed with short Term Crops


Marie Y. Dann J.P., MBA, B.Sc.
Realtor Associate Direct: Azanell Properties International

Tel: (876) 990-3373/ 844-0262
Email: mariedann@flowja.com


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Short Hill, Treasure Beach, St. ElizabethSt. Elizabeth (876) 990-3373/ 844-0262 mariedann@flowja.com