Lots for sale

Lots for sale in Jamaica

½ Acre Land with Unfinished 2 Storey House For Sale in Christiana St. Mary   Downstairs comprising: 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen Upstairs (Decked, but...

 Lots for sale /  Christiana


 ¼ Acre Lot for Sale in Brown’s Town, St. Ann (Near St. Hilda’s High School)   Contact: Marie Y. Dann J.P., MBA, B.Sc. Realtor Associate Direct:...

 Lots for sale /  St. Ann


2 Half Acre Lots for Sale off the Old Stony Hill Road (sloping downwards)   Lots Slope Downwards ( Near Villa Ronai) Contact: Marie Y....

 Lots for sale


 Two Residential Lots for Sale in Upper Fair Prospect, Portland             5 Acres Each - Price: US $120K  Each   Contact: Marie Y. Dann J.P.,...

 Lots for sale /  Portland

Thirty (30) ¼ Acre Lots with Titles for Sale in Huddersfield, St. Mary (Near Boscobel) $5.5M  Negotiable  Dr. Minott – 851-1916   Contact: Marie Y....

 Lots for sale /  St. Mary


Seeking land or house in Savanna-la-mar, Westmoreland ... Contact: Call or message 782-1535

 Lots for sale /  Savanna-la-mar

Lots For sale –Mount Atlas, 30 Lots Sub-Divided, totaling 11 ¾ Acres in Red Hills, Coopers Hill, off the main road Sub-divisions Already Approved   Contact:...

 Lots for sale


Lot for Sale in Pembroke Hall, Hicks Hall, St. Thomas Farm Lands  with River running through the Property   Features: 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Land...

 Lots for sale /  St. Thomas


For Sale Lot 45 B - 2 ¼ Acres Lot, with  5 Approved Subdivided Lots (By Town Planning Committee for Residential Purposes) Part of Aston...

 Lots for sale


Three (3) acres land. land located in the cool cool hills of St. Catherine, Hyde district, Linstead P.O. Ten minutes drive from Bogwalk and linstead...

 Lots for sale /  Linstead

Three (3) acres land. land located in St. Catherine, Hyde district, Linstead P.O. # 776-2738

 Lots for sale /  Linstead

For Sale - 4 Lots totaling 100 Acres of Agricultural Lands, Part of Albion, St. Mary, with Stream running through the property   Contact: Marie...

 Lots for sale /  St. Mary


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